Biodiversal is a management company for regenerative agriculture projects.

We have a radically sustainable and transparent approach, which offers coffee growers new business opportunities and technical assistance to diversify and commercialize their crops.

We do it through a symphony of collective efforts between impact investors, small producers, conscientious consumers, academia, and other allies in the agri-food chain.

Our work is summarized in 4 actions:

Design profitable agroecological projects
Attract impact investment for projects
Accompany the productive transformation of coffee-producing families
Connect new products to value-added markets
Biodiversal - Sustainable Food Systems

Theory of Change


Pilot Projects


Design of biodiverse farming systems

Science, technology, and market vision integrated into the design of productive projects associated with coffee:

  • Biofertilizers
  • Smart gardens
  • Associated crops

Pilots transformed into investment project catalysts for systemic change.


Investment Projects


Co-financing for model scalability

Investment in regenerative agriculture, channeled through impact projects, for the productive transformation of small coffee farms and their insertion into the market for agroecological products.

Productive projects capable of generating shared value and profitability of up to 20% E.A. for the investor.


Productive Projects

Productive Transformation

Accompaniment to agroecological production

Provide coffee-growing families with purchase agreements, technical assistance, and impact measurement, and farms with diversified production and the ability to demonstrate: an increase of at least 20% in net income with each new project; substantial improvements in soil fertility indicators and carbon sequestration; and better representation of women in the agroecological business.


Agroecological Products

Conscious Consumption

Market connection with conscious consumers

Agroecological products, connected to local and international markets with conscious consumers, offering a radically transparent value chain.

New employment opportunities with purpose.


Systemic Changes

Economic resilience, recovery of biodiversity, climate action, and food sovereignty.

Biodiversal - Sustainable Food Systems

Our Team

We are passionate people, committed to generating impact from small farmers’ empowerment and building a better future for all.