Biodiversal - Sustainable Food Systems

We want to position BIODIVERSITY as the technology to catalyze radical, transformative change towards an inclusive and sustainable global community.

Our business model is based on a symphony of collective efforts between multiple actors, including:


regarded by us as the care-takers of our ecosystems and production experts.

Experienced entrepreneurs and investors

who bring capital and know-how to achieve value added products through capital investments in technology and innovation.

Conscious consumers

who in addition to quality, pursue ethical and change agents for ethical and ecological principles backing their products.

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Environmental Protection & Food Sovereignty

Breaking the Cycle

Theory of change

Biodiversal - Sustainable Food Systems

producers and consumers through transparent, long term and stable commercial linkages


specialty coffees and related agricultural products under biodiverse crop systems


economic stability and viability of small-scale coffee farmers and their families

Recover and preserve

biodiversity in coffee farms