Coffee Associated crops

We are committed to including new crops associated with coffee that favor both its quality and families’ transition to biodiverse farming systems with agroecological and profitable practices.

Biodiversal - Sustainable Food Systems

Theory of Change
Coffee Associated CropsProject in Phase One


Pilot Projects

Agroecological Redesign

Crops associated
with coffee

The research projects are directed at monitoring and investigating the behavior of yellow corn and calima bean crops and their interaction with coffee.


Investment Projects


Co-financing for model scalability

Investment in the development of new crops associated with coffee and the introduction of coffee-growing families in the market of agroecological products.

Productive projects capable of generating shared value and profitability of up to 20% E.A. for the investor.


Productive Projects

Productive Transformation

Accompaniment to agroecological production

Farms with diversified production and capacity to demonstrate: increase of at least 20% in net income as a result of the sale of other crops associated with coffee; availability of agroecological food for sale with purchase agreement and technical assistance; substantial improvements in soil fertility indicators and carbon sequestration; and a better position for the family on the road to food sovereignty.


Agroecological Products

Conscious Consumption


Agroecological foods, connected to the local market with conscious consumers, offering a radically transparent value chain.


Systemic Changes

Economic resilience, recovery of biodiversity, climate action, and food sovereignty.

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Ingreso anual

El ingreso neto anual que genera cada productor, así como el precio neto recibido por cada producto que se comercializa a través de nuestra red.

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Rendimiento anual
El rendimiento anual que cada inversionista genera sobre cualquier inversión (deuda o patrimonio) que respalde nuestro proyecto.
Indicador de género
Un indicador de igualdad de género que proporciona una medida de participación, beneficios, resultados e impactos para mujeres y hombres en cada finca.
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Huella de carbono

La Huella de Carbono para cada sistema diseñado e implementado por nuestro equipo.

Un indicador de biodiversidad para ayudarnos a monitorear la condición de esta en cada sistema diseñado e implementado por nuestro equipo.